Professional Development + Professional Consultation Special Offer 2


Includes Professional Development Special Offer 1

For a minimal investment of $195.00 the Professional Development Special Offer-1 provides you, or someone within your organization, with a personalized 13-page MERIT Profile Development Report. This unique report helps each individual gain valuable insights regarding their Character and Behavior DNA. This special offer also includes two complimentary bonus items.

The first bonus item is a “13-page PLE Whitepaper” that provides valuable knowledge regarding the importance of your overall Personal Leadership Effectiveness. The second bonus item is a 19-minute recorded “Educational Tutorial” that will help you to read, interpret and apply the data findings of your personalized MERIT Profile Development Report.

Added Value: This option also includes a one-hour consultation with a certified MERIT Profile Advisor. During this consultation you will discover the accuracy of this assessment tool and learn how to read, interpret and apply the data findings regarding your own personal development and/or an employee’s personal development that works within your organization. . During the consultation you will gain valuable insights regarding an individual’s Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments, which form the foundation of their Personal Leadership Effectiveness.

You will also discover during the consultation process that an individual’s PLE has a direct impact upon an organization’s culture, as well as their overall performance, productivity and team efficiency and bottom-line results. You will also learn that the MERIT Profile Development can be utilized as an excellent coaching and employee development tool.

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