A Global Character & Behavior Assessment Tool


MERIT Profile Showcase

A Global Character & Behavior Assessment Tool


The MERIT Profile Assessment has been utilized by thousands of individuals, professionals and organizations worldwide since 2006.

Valuable Insights...

The MERIT Profile helps organizations to enhance their overall culture, talent acquisition, employee development and retention initiatives.

Additionally, the MERIT Profile is being used by professionals throughout the world that have been certified as Consultants, Trainers and Coaches so they can enhance their professional offerings to their clients.

Each MERIT Profile provides both descriptive summary statements and numerical scores regarding 10 Character Competencies and four Behavior Traits. Additionally, the MERIT Profile assesses three Character Competency Groups known as your Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments.

An individual’s Character and Behavior have an impact on an organization’s performance, productivity, team efficiency and overall bottom-line results.

Research has also discovered that a person’s Character and Behavior has an impact on their Personal Leadership Effectiveness…personally and professionally.

~ Special Offer Options ~

The MERIT Profile Showcase Platform has been created to provide several cost-effective options for a variety of audiences to experience the benefits of the MERIT Profile. If you are engaged in one or more of the following professional disciplines it will be worth your investment of time to experience the MERIT Profile.

Organizational Development

  • Culture/Core Values Alignment
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Employee Development
  • Employee Retention

Professional Services

  • Human Capital Consulting
  • Leadership Training & Coaching
  • Executive Recruiting
  • Business Advisory Services

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The MERIT Profile Assesses Three foundational Areas to Help Improve Your Overall Personal Leadership Effectiveness

A person's pattern of emotions and actions that indicate his or her mental state and disposition.

A person's mental framework where he or she has formed opinions, judgments and acceptance of what is true.

The mental framework in which a person makes choices to act in a certain and consistent manner that is aligned with his or her attitudes and beliefs.

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What Our MERIT Profile Clients Have To Say

We have used the MERIT Profile for several senior level hiring positions and have realized how effective the tool is to help screen out candidates that do not align and/or fit within our corporate culture.

We are now evaluating how we can effectively use the MERIT Profile with our talent acquisition, employee development and retention initiatives.

Richard Kouwenhoven,
and General Manager

I have found the MERIT Profile and MERIT Team Dynamics to be excellent tools to help better understand the character and behavior of new hires and existing employees.

I have also found the MERIT Profile to really reveal valuable information that has helped strengthen our internal communications, as well as personal and professional relationships.

Nick Burrows
Executive Vice President
& General

The MERIT Profile has been an invaluable assessment tool for the LifeWorks Training program as it equips our students to understand how character impacts leadership effectiveness so our students in turn can invest in the corporations they work for.
Our Employer Partners look forward to hiring our students for this very reason. One Employer Partner recently stated, “We would rather hire on character and train on skill.”

Kimberly Hooper
Program Manager

I have used the MERIT Profile and MERIT Team Dynamics process to hire several team members and also utilized the MERIT Profile information for team building and coaching.

Based on my experiences with the MERIT Profile assessment tool I could never return to the more traditional hiring methods that I used in the past.

Dave Thorne
Deputy Chief of Operations
Winnipeg Police Service

The MERIT Profile enables our clients to better understand their corporate culture and helped each executive gain a better understanding of their fellow leaders and other co-workers.

The MERIT Profile has also helped and enabled us to make more informed recommendations for executives, managers, and staff.

Michelle O. Joaquin, VP
Certified MERIT Profile Advisor

It was remarkable how accurately the MERIT Profile described each staff member. It was also remarkable how each recruitment report predicted the responses to our interview questions.

This is an excellent resource to use for all hiring and employee development initiatives.

Joel Gardner, Executive Director
Ozark Regional Transit District

Certification Programs Featuring the MERIT Profile

Impacting and Transforming Organizations…

The MERIT Profile has proven to be effective in helping for-profit and non-profit organizations maximize the overall contribution and team effectiveness of their executives, managers, supervisors and employees.

Maximizing Your Personal Leadership Effectiveness…

The MERIT Profile is foundational to our “PLE Learning Methodology” that characterizes our Developing Authentic Leaders and Achieving Authentic Success online courses. These courses have been created to promote personal and professional transformation.

Providing Hope and Direction for Future Generations…

The MERIT Profile is a very important “Mentoring and Coaching” tool that is integral to the kind of personalized attention and professional development expected by those in the “Millennial Generation.” The MERIT Profile and the PLE Learning Methodology will greatly assist millennial adults as they develop their chosen careers and live lives of authentic success, influence and significance.

Certification Opportunities

Several “Professional Certification Options” are provided for independent Consultants, Trainers and Coaches that desire to incorporate the PLE Learning Methodology into their practices.

Professional Certification is also available for in-house "PLE Champions, PLE Trainers and PLE Coaches" that desire to establish, develop, and sustain a Personal Leadership Effectiveness culture in their for-profit or non-profit organization.

I would like to learn more about the various certification options.

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